It can be expensive to replace your water heat and for this, some are putting it off longer than what they should. Both for you and for everyone in the household at the same time, it can be dangerous and may wind up costing you more if you don't replace your water heater. The broken water heaters are one of the leading cause of damage and flooding in your house and with this in mind, knowing when you should have it replaced is important. 

Read on to know signs that your system is calling for a replacement. 

Number 1. Leak - if you see that there is leak in your tank, then you must attempt to find out where the leak is coming from. There are occasions where the leak is repairable but sometimes when you can't find the source, it is best that you replace it. Say that your tank is older than 6 years or more, then you might have a leak in the seam, joint or even in the steel thread and all of these components can't be repaired. 

Number 2. Minimal pressures for hot water - to prevent hot water to slide into cold waterline and result to waste of energy, newer Water Heaters Springsboro OH have a check valve. What's unfortunate is that, this can cause issues that are related only to its check valve. Oftentimes, the check valve is stuck but at some point, it can be repaired. On the other hand, you should see this as a sign that your tank lacks of proper maintenance that have resulted to its premature deterioration. And say for example that your tank has deteriorated completely, then you have no other options but to replace it. 

Number 3. The water won't drain - hot water tanks should undergo maintenance on a regular basis and one important part of its maintenance is to completely drain the tank at least once per year. With this, it can help in removing sediments that have settled at the bottom of your tank and has build up inside. What's sad is that, a lot of people don't work on this until everything is too late. If you haven't been draining your tank and you find that the water won't drain out, then your tank is deteriorated that much that it should be replaced. Have Residential Plumbing Springsboro OH for reliable plumbing services. 


Number 4. Water doesn't get hot - does it seem that you run out of water more quickly or it isn't getting as hot as it used to be once? Always remember that if you don't carry out proper maintenance procedures, there is a high tendency that corrosion can build up on the internal components making the electrical elements and dip tube to be coated and its gas valve is overworked.